by Roy Paul Prosise on October 7th, 2017

Definition of Work Instructions: ​A work instruction describes in detail how an individual shall perform a given task of a procedure.
A work instruction is sometimes used to provide further detail on specific tasks within a procedure.
In recent times work instructions have often been superseded with clearly written and defined procedures or task flow diagrams. It's important to note that the ISO9001:2015 Standard does not specify the need for work instructions, and the Standard no longer has a requirement for a quality manual.

This is a very important part of the manufacturing process!

by Roy Paul Prosise on October 7th, 2017

​Any idea, service or any physical good that is saleable and which serves the purpose of               
   both the buyer and seller can be termed as a product.  A lot of intangible as well as tangible features of the product is screened at the idea screening stage and the product must also be in line with objectives and values promoted by the company. 
Product development is series of steps that involve designing, creating, testing and marketing of a new product or service for the benefit of the customers.  It has a systematic method involved in the development of new product.  New product development can be seen as identifying and transforming a market opportunity into a saleable product.    To identify this market opportunity, a keen observation and understanding, of the need and discomforts of the customers with the current available products or discomforts of customers in general, is needed.   For the success of the new product the competitive environment in the market and the way the market functions needs to be analyzed in detail.   While developing a new product, a company is actually undertaking a major risk.  Better communication and use of best practice methods, as tried and tested in the industry, should be used to minimize the risk. 
So, after understanding the need, the information gathered should be synthesized.  One should actually imagine new customers using the new product and based on this create a beta version or a prototype of the product, which can be tested internally.  Further to the designing of the prototype, the product should be improvised, several times, before it is handed over to the customers. 

by Roy Paul Prosise on October 6th, 2017

​Marketing and sales activities are one of the crucial activities that ensure the revenue of the company.  Sales functions ensure that the mills keep rolling and the business continues to survive. The act of selling the good in return for money is termed as the sales function.  A sales process is completed when the buyer or the point of sales acquires the good or services created and in return pays in monetary terms to the seller or the company.   

Marketing activities on the other hand promotes the product of the company.  In today’s world of globalization, companies are able to sell their goods and services beyond the boundaries of the countries.  Marketing and sales are not independent activities.  Marketing aids in growth.  It tends to give more visibility to the goods and services of the companies and in turn helps the sales to happen in a smoother manner.

Sales function more than often forms a separate group in any organized corporate structure and this group is filled up with separate specialist for this functions called the sales professional or sales persons or sales specialist.  Very famous terms are used to describe the sales activity.  Farming – selling to existing clients and hunting – scouting for new buyers. 
Marketing on the other hand involves market research and more of advertising.  They increase the visibility of the brand, promote the key features of the product, conduct launches, design promos and attract the attention of the buyer in whichever manner possible.  They have to be very innovative and unique. 

by Roy Paul Prosise on October 5th, 2017

​The product flow defines the movement of the product to the distributors or any return goods from customers back to the company.  Information flow involves the updating the order status and also the delivery of goods status.  It helps in tracking the status and position of the good. 
Since nowadays, supply chain is coordinated through software; there are two types of software that are being widely used.  One is for planning the supply chain, which uses highly advanced algorithm to determine the best way of booking order.  Execution application software will help in tracking the physical status of the goods, materials and departments concerned with it like finance, etc.  

by Roy Paul Prosise on October 4th, 2017

​Supply chain management indeed encompasses a very broad definition of identifying, procuring and managing the availability of products, resources and services of the organization that is needed to operate the business.  Resources involved can be physical goods or even services or information that needs to flow smoothly among the concerned departments of the organization for smooth running of the business.  Historically, the supply chain management would involve three different stages:  procuring, producing and then distributing.  The interactions between flows of the material, people, money, information and capital resources determine the success of the industry or company.   An effective supply chain management is required for effective use of inventory.  Modern day operations use high end software to regulate the supply chain of the organization.  This supply chain flow can be effectively divided into three categories: product, information, cashflow.

by Roy Paul Prosise on October 3rd, 2017

​Every organization has a set objectives that they want to achieve.  Management has to identify the mission of the organization.  Management refers to those personnel or activities in the organization which coordinates between the different resources in order to achieve the laid down goals of the organization.  To accomplish the goals, the management is entrusted to utilize the available resources of the company in the best possible way.  They are also responsible for innovation and resource optimization, as well as designing marketing activities.  Often the management is considered as a part and parcel of the factors of production.  Management encompasses the entire activity right from the planning stage to staffing, organizing, and leading the way to formulating company policies and controlling the organization.    They manipulate the human resources to contribute to the success of the organization.  There are several management strategies used by different organizations.  These strategies are based on company objectives, nature of business and the size of the company.  Much management prefers a tight centralized mode of functioning, while there are management people in favor of the decentralized mode of operations.  Within the management, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) forms the most central and decision making person within the organizations and almost all functions and departments work in co-ordination with the CEO.  Whatever may be the policy adapted, according to the famous contributor to modern management, Henry Fayol, management needs to perform the following six functionalities: forecasting, planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating and controlling.   Thus, management is the skill whereby you get your work done.

by Roy Paul Prosise on September 27th, 2017

​Hey, hey, heyy! Hey, HEY! Gosh darn!, Amazon is awesome! I hate giving away free marketing for these guys, but it’s hard to deny the truth. I buy product online and have it in my hands the same day. The worldwide web, Internet sales and search engines have been game changers for consumer purchases and have been for a while now. I can’t believe a library even exists anymore! Brick and mortar are hurting. Amazon is now considered a search engine for products and it’s not going away anytime soon. It’s only going to grow bigger.

Now the question is how to get your product to sell and be successful on Amazon? It’s pretty simple: say you are selling the same product as someone else for the same price, why would someone buy your product over the competitors? They need to search and find your product first. The statistics show for Amazon keyword searches that 80% of people search only on the first page per keyword, 60% click on the first three products per keyword search and 70% of people never make it to the second page for any search.

They say that the best place to hide a dead body is on the 3rd page of any internet search engine! This applies to Amazon especially, where consumers are searching for exactly what they want to buy. So the question is how to get your product placement on the first page? Even better how do you get your product placed at the top of the first page?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies are all over for getting your website ranked on Google and your product top ranked on Amazon for top key word. All of these companies will promise you that they will get you to the top spot and we’ve tried them too with our products, only for them not to deliver on these promises. Amazon is always changing so we have found partners in the Amazon world that can adapt and actually get it done. Ask us about Be Amazon program if you’re interested in what we found works by learning the hard way and paying for it.

by Roy Paul Prosise on September 15th, 2017

I can remember just yesterday we were sitting in Zhang's apartment in Beijing wondering if we would have a factory in South China someday! We all took a chance and we moved to Shenzhen to chase a dream. Ten years later we are a little older but still chasing manufacturing. China has been good to me!

by Roy Paul Prosise on September 12th, 2017

Beknown customized assembly lines are well thought out for optimum quality and though put. Our engineers take great pride creating work instructions and putting the right people in place. 

by Roy Paul Prosise on August 7th, 2017

We have a good team! And thanks to the hundreds of people not in this picture who day and day out focus on the details and quality of making the very best products. Thanks to the great leadership from Kieran, Jarod, John and Kenny.

by Roy Paul Prosise on August 5th, 2017

Beknown® China and Gizmo are in full swing of another very successful program. GoFish Cam is now in full production and we are proud to prep the first batch of product to our Kickstarter pre orders. Look for all the cool videos to follow from our very supportive customers.

by Roy Paul Prosise on June 1st, 2017

​We at Beknown® have supported Jeff Sheldon's vision to create a wonderful Desk Top Organizer! Gather is a modular home for your essentials, thoughtfully designed to help you cut through the clutter.​ Gather adapts to your workspace and workflow to make sure the tools you need are always within reach. ​Gather can be configured in hundreds of ways to exactly the way you want to use it. ​The grid system allows each of the pieces to be rotated or positioned anywhere along the base. The magnets embedded in the base allow you to attach additional pieces. The pieces can be attached to either the side or the back of the base. ​You can even combine two full sets to create a much larger organizer. 

Go check out Jeff Sheldon's Kick Starter campaign and pre order your Custom Modular Desk Top Organizer today!

by Roy Paul Prosise on May 10th, 2017

Beknown has partnered with Bella Breeze to further develop and expand the Cold Air Outdoor Table Line. This unique designed table provides cold air flow to your upper and lower body to keep you cool in the summer and prevents mosquitos from attacking you while you are trying to enjoy the outdoors. The table can be customized with many different table tops and styled side panels. Look for our product in specialty stores soon!

by Roy Paul Prosise on May 8th, 2017

Check out the video Beknown took in Costa Rica testing the GoFish Cam! The Amazing thing is all the fish you see when reviewing the video that you did not know was around!! Amazing fun! Follow us on Facebook. GoFish Cam. ​

by Roy Paul Prosise on April 13th, 2017

Roy Paul Prosise Speaks at Alamo Inventors to a large group of of special Interest Group (SIG) of Technology Connexus Association, is a non-profit organization made up of local area engineers, business people, professionals, students, faculty and people from all walks of life.

Roy Paul Prosise is the Managing Director of Be Known Manufacturing LLC, a product development and manufacturing company which offices in Austin, Texas and inAsia. BeKnown provides a “Turn Key” development solution for U.S. customers in development and manufacturing of plastic injection molded based products. Hi experience includes product concept design, engineering, rapid prototyping, testing, injection molds, injection molding, packaging, logistics and global sourcing. Roy has experience with all scopes of projects from inventor start up products to Fortune 500 company projects. He also has extensive experience in Design for Manufacturing and reducing manufacturing cost. Ideas need Vision to grow. Vision is the idea thought out so the path to a successful product can be seen. Without Vision, you cannot raise the interest and capital required for a product launch! You need to define goals for your invention or idea. Are you developing a product for ego, license or to build a company? There is a certain set of tools required to express and sell your vision to others. Bottom line is that the number one item all inventors and/or companies need is Money. And the people who have the money want to know if your idea will be successful! Investors do not want to finance an inventor’s learning curve so they have to be convinced you have the know-how. With an experienced team like Beknown behind your project is what investors buy into… not the idea! Roy will present the process to transform an idea into a vision. He will outline the requirements to communicate an idea with others and show the path to bring a product from concept to market. BeKnown prides itself in designing based on timelines, resources, and time-to-market requirements. Their passion is growing businesses, entrepreneurs and inventors to develop and commercialize their products, taking them from concept-to-customer

by Roy Paul Prosise on January 30th, 2017

​Inventing a product is fun! After you have a beautiful product design and functional prototype, the fun part of starting your own product company is over and the real work begins. The inventor will find out soon if they have the faculties to run a product company. Selling your own product that you designed seems like the most rewarding business to be in, but to make profit for any company you will have to get your hands dirty with the not-so-fun operations that go into running a business! Delegating and managing roles of employees, contractors and sales representatives in your business, building relations, customer service, controlling supply chain, logistics, inventory management and distribution of your product, contracting lawyers, defending intellectual property rights, product liability insurance, accounting, TAXES and ensuring the longevity of your company are all mechanics of your company that must be greased up and oiled continuously.  These are the necessary evils behind the curtains of a healthy business and may not be exactly the “fun things” that motivated you to start a business for yourself, but the black and white ops that must be taken care of to spin profit and a healthy future. If you want to focus your time on the fun things you should pick your team wisely!

by Roy Paul Prosise on January 26th, 2017

​It is important for new products or product iterations to have value-add features that differentiate from competitors already in the market space. Upgrade and value-add features are specially if your product is not necessarily a brand new idea, but rather a cool new spin on an existing product in the market. We like to call these kind of products “me-too with a twist.” Me-too products thrive on value-add features. New product ideas on the other hand that are completely unique to the consumer will sell based on that fact alone if you can afford to tell the world about your new product, and be the first one to tell them!
PITFALL: Don’t get caught up in feature creep.
For new product ideas, there is always a balance for number of desired features you want to include in product design, especially on the first version you want to launch. In development process, you must define a product specification of which features are imperative to the functionality of the product and which features would be cool value-add. Don’t let the cool, value-add features to cost unnecessary delay in time to the market, jack up your pricing budget and/or create a Frankenstein from your original product design concept. Many inventors get caught in Feature Creep during the product design phase. These inventors have a fresh idea, a product design and working prototype and then get stuck with the question of wouldn’t it be cooler if we could add on feature X, Y and Z.
There is a beauty in simplicity with product design and you cannot make a return on investment if you never get passed development and start selling a marketable product. Remember, you can always launch the latest and greatest Gen. 2 next year using the revenue stream from Gen. 1 to fund development, but you will not have any revenue product if you continue to creep and never make a sell.

by Roy Paul Prosise on September 15th, 2016


Gizmospring Design Studio and BeKnown! Unite To Bring New Opportunities to the US and Chinese Markets.
Chinese product design and development firm Gizmospring today announced an exciting partnership with BeKnown!, a US design team based in Texas.  The move will open up international markets to BeKnown!’s domestic clients, and provide greater access to the US market for Gizmospring’s products, already sold across Asia and Europe.
Gizmospring Design Studios is headed up by American entrepreneur Kenny Tai. Boasting 300 employees in offices throughout China, the Philippines, and South Korea, this full-service agency specializes in taking products from concept through to manufacture. Working with both industry-leading brands and startups from the US, EU, and Asia; Tai’s development teams include designers, engineers, procurement, quality control, and shipping specialists, as well as a fully-staffed factory capable of mass producing a range of products.
Global manufacturing solutions provider Be Known! specialize in getting product concepts market ready. Until now, this fast-growing company has relied on a network of manufacturers and service providers to fulfill customers’ product development and manufacturing needs.
This new partnership offers a wealth of opportunities to both. Gizmospring will utilize Be Known!’s network of suppliers to bring products to US consumers. In return, Be Known! will receive access to Gizmo’s laboratory and manufacturing resources, allowing it to provide its US client base with state-of-the-art design and manufacturing facility domestic competitors can only dream of.
Together, these industry leaders will open doors for their customers, providing an unrivaled design and development service and direct access to two of the world’s biggest markets.

by Roy Paul Prosise on August 31st, 2016

​Over the last few months, Beknown® has been working closely with Pecan Street, an organization solely focused on advancing university research and accelerating innovation in water and energy, to develop, manufacture and launch BluWater hardware products. The BluBand and BluCube are tech-based water and power conservation devices that integrate with a mobile application to help the little guy to manage their water and power usage which brings savings to both our wallets and our world.
Imagine a smartphone app that gave you the power to program your sprinkler system from your phone — and notified you if it was set to run the day after a rainstorm so you could reschedule it. Or an app that alerted you about a water leak at your home. Or one that made it possible to track your water use and water bill during the month.
That’s exactly what the Pecan Street BluWater app can do! BluWater will help you track your daily water use and water bill, and you’ll also be eligible to receive free consumer products like new sprinkler controller boxes that can be operated with a smartphone app.
Check out the Pecan Street website, watch the video and click on the Apple App Store or Google Play icons at the link below if you share the goal to make a better future. They have much more coming soon! http:/

by Roy Paul Prosise on July 19th, 2016

​Wow! This underwater camera sits on your fishing line and works with an app! It can help you catch more fish! See how it works and more videos...

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